What Your Tongue Tells About Your Health

Earlier this year, I hosted a Telesummit, “How to regain your health, vitality, and youthfulness.” One of my awesome expert speakers was Dr. Victor Zeines, DDS, an holistic dentist practicing for more than 25 years in Rochester, New York.

Dr. Zeines was kind enough to be my guest once again and wrote this great article about the importance of the tongue in assessing possible health issues. He has a special offer just for you as a subscriber to Naturally Fit As A Fiddle. So be sure to check that out!

What Your Tongue Tells About Your Health

by Victor Zeines DDS

The tongue is the most visible internal organ with a very high metabolic rate, the topmost epithelial layer being replaced every few days. This high metabolic rate coupled with the highly vascularized tissue allows malnutrition and pathological states to show up quickly, resulting in a rapid color change of the tongue. This is why whenever you get a cold or the flu your tongue turns white. Lack of nutrients such as Vitamins B, C, zinc and iron all cause oxidation, or a change in the cells. The taste cells will change and patients will report a “metallic taste”, which means something’s wrong.

  • Take a look at your tongue. What color is it? Does it have a coating? Is the coating thick or  is it thin? If your tongue is yellowish or yellow-green, that usually is a sign of liver-gallbladder problems. If the color is gray or grayish brown, you may be experiencing stomach or intestinal problems. If the tip of your tongue is red, it could be an indication of heart or thyroid issues.
  • You may have mineral deficiencies if the sides of your tongue are scalloped, and cracks on the top of your tongue could be caused by vitamin deficiencies.

So just by looking at your tongue you can find out a lot about your health. A healthy tongue should be vibrant; pale red, and fresh-looking…it should look “alive” rather than dull. Body should be supple not stiff, without cracks, and slightly moist with a thin, slightly white coating  that is slightly thicker on the root, the part at the far back and bottom of the tongue. This coating is part of the digestive process.

An effective method of getting back on the road to health would be to drink more water. Most people are dehydrated, and all of us should be drinking 8-10 glasses of water every day. The more water you drink, the better you’ll feel!

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