Being fit likely means something different to each of us, but we all want to be healthy. Acquiring and maintaining excellent health is an exciting journey to connect the body, mind, and spirit harmoniously. My goal is to join and assist you in your journey.

Motivation, Inspiration, & Education

Naturally Fit As A Fiddle is all about natural, holistic health and wellness, and keeping it all simple. I love spreading the word about the benefits of whole, living foods and enjoy providing simple recipes and tips. Whether you are a long-time vegetarian or vegan, just looking for good wellness info, and especially if you are considering a lifestyle move, you are covered!

Components of Being Healthy and Fit


When the body, mind, & spirit are all connected & working symbiotically with each other, you feel at ease.


Strength training, aerobic excercise, & stretching are all excellent. Be sure to include mental exercise, too!


Our attitude toward circumstances, finances, health, relationships, & life in general has a whole lot to do with health.

Lots of whole foods!

Whole plant foods in their natural state energize & nourish the body, mind & spirit. The more the merrier!


Give yourself the time every day to treat yourself kindly & to nourish yourself. You’ll love yourself for it!


You decide whether or not to be happy. Happiness goes along with attitude, & you can have it whenever you decide to.

Meet Some of Our Favorite Things

Coco Jack

Coco Jack

Eliminate the struggle & danger of opening young coconuts

Stockton Aloe 1

Stockton Aloe 1

Straight from nature – pure, raw, natural, & delivered fresh



Prepare healthy, raw foods & preserve the most nutrients

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