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Welcome! I am SO glad that you’re here!

Hey there! I’m Kathie Collins…Raw Food Chef, World Peace Diet Facilitator, and all around nut about my kids, my lifestyle, and animals. ALL animals! I enjoy planning events, working on new recipes, learning new things, and I love acting and dancing at every opportunity.

Naturally Fit As A Fiddle is all about natural, holistic health and wellness, and keeping it all simple. I love spreading the word about the benefits of whole, living foods and enjoy providing simple recipes and tips. Whether you are a long-time vegetarian or vegan, just looking for good wellness info, and especially if you are considering a lifestyle move, you are covered!

I believe that being healthy encompasses so much more than just the foods we eat. Although what we put into our body is essential, outstanding health for the whole person – body, mind, and Spirit – is the ultimate goal. My purpose is to encourage you in your journey to be your absolute best self, and to appreciate where you are right now. I aim to inspire and support you as you venture into the very exciting, delicious, and amazing lifestyle of whole-self wellness.

Naturally Fit As A Fiddle is a ‘no-judgment zone’. It is my desire to be here for you and to be your friend and support you throughout your journey to better health, whatever that may mean to you. I am passionate about my beliefs and committed to being plant-based. While I believe that this lifestyle is the best choice for health and the most sustainable for the environment, it truly is the only compassionate way of living!

There are no doctors here at Naturally Fit As A Fiddle and, therefore, at no time will I provide medical advice or attempt to diagnose any condition. You are encouraged, especially if under a doctor’s care, to seek medical advice before making any changes to your diet, exercise, or any other health-related lifestyle issues.

You see, I am on my own journey to become the healthiest, happiest person I can be. There is great strength in numbers; therefore, I am glad you’ve landed here and truly hope you decide to join me!

P.S. We are continually working to build an awesome wellness website and community. The near future includes some pretty cool stuff, so do visit often, and keep in touch. The construction continues!

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