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I love discovering and experimenting with new foods and ingredients. I’ve always enjoyed being in the kitchen and trying out new recipes, especially appetizers, desserts, and fancy little hors d’oeuvres for parties and just hanging out with friends. Having a new awesome recipe is a great excuse for bringing people together, too!

I am totally tuned in to the importance of whole body health: you know ~ body, mind, and spirit and the unmistakable connection between them. Just a few years ago, people would’ve thought it crazy to imagine such a thing. Now just look at all of the books, websites, magazines, summits, webinars, courses, and the list goes on and on. How can what you think, eat and believe have anything to do with the other aspects? Seems there really is something to it.

For close to seven years, I’ve been living a plant-based lifestyle; however, most of my meals have been cooked. My immediate and long-term goals are to move to more raw, living foods: roughly 80-95%. The health benefits that come from eating uncooked, organic plant foods are numerous.

Not only are more doctors paying attention, but many even agree that just maybe there are some effective alternatives to drugs, surgery, and yes…even death in a lot of cases…and that a plant-based diet might contribute some real benefit. In fact, many doctors are making significant lifestyle changes themselves as well as recommending that their patients do the same. I see this as real progress, and it encourages me to continue on my living foods expedition. It truly is a journey – a daily one.

Don’t just take my word for it. Do your own research, and come up with your own conclusions. Here are a couple of places for you to start:

Great article by Ronna Corlin

If you are a Twitter user, I love this guy!

This site is one of my absolute favorites, as is Dr. Greger. is awesome!

So, how about you? Where are you in your food life and health journey? Do you find certain areas in which you struggle more than others?

Feel free to email me with any questions or concerns you might have. I’m here to help! You can also post your thoughts or comments on the Facebook page.

Till next time.